I like her eye shadow.

I like her eye shadow.

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…as fuck.

…as fuck.

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"[My dream dinner date would be with] Gilda Radner, Anais Nin, and Jennifer Lawrence – because although we don’t know each other well, we’re always sending each other texts and weird images." - Emma Stone

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"Be picky with who you invest your time in, wasted time is worse than wasted money."

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Anonymous asked: I read your Winter Soldier analysis, and I have a question : you say that "There’s a reason his code name is drawn from an investigation into one of the ugliest chapters of American history." Please help a non-American understand what you meant? I mean I obviously see the Cold War reference in the movie, but from what you've written it seems like something more subtle *within* the Cold War... shit, I mean just "Cold War" seems too evident and I can't find the deeper meaning?



Oh gosh, don’t feel bad, there are plenty of Americans who have never even heard of this.

The Winter Soldier Investigation was a 1971 veteran-organized media event intended to draw attention to the war crimes that had taken place in Vietnam. Directly inspired by the exposure of the My Lai Massacre (the mass murder of over five hundred unarmed civilians by American troops) in 1969, Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) brought together discharged servicemen from every branch of the military to discuss the atrocities they had seen and committed during their time in the war. They hoped bring these tragedies before the public eye, and to prove that American military policies led directly to the death and torment of civilians. Eventually a transcript from this conference made its way before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during the Fullbright Hearings.  

When Ed Brubaker, the author who wrote the original Winter Soldier arc, chose the name, he wanted something that would call up both cold Siberian winters and the atrocities of war. This fit the bill.

But the term itself, the idea of “winter soldiers”, was coined by VVAW as a response to the writings of Thomas Paine, who described the men who deserted at Valley Forge during the American Revolution:

These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country, but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.

A winter soldier is someone who will warm their hands over a meager fire and weather the cold. Someone who refuses to abandon their country and its potential, no matter what the personal cost.

So how’s that for a weird little twist? According to Thomas Paine—activist, political philosopher, and revolutionary—the real winter soldier is Captain America.

#plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth




I have a lot of shutdowns but nobody ever gets that I’m not being a jerk when stressed.  I just happen to have Asperger’s.

I don’t claim to be an expert in this, so if anything is wrong please feel free to correct.  Or add your comments below if you want, too.  It’s always good to hear other people’s stories.

This is 100% accurate for me.

I would also explicitly add that “remove them from the area” does NOT mean “physically grab them without permission”. Or even “start ordering them around when they’re too overloaded to deal with that or maybe even understand what you’re saying”.

That is often a good way to get either a stronger shutdown response, or to trigger a full meltdown instead. The same goes for when someone is having a meltdown. Those responses are likely to go over at least as well as condescendingly telling them to chill.

This is really nice. I’m not autistic, but I really do think that there needs to be more anecdotal information from people because, unfortunately, it’s really easy to romanticize it in the media, so there’s this skewed idea that they are all either savants (“Rain Man”) or just don’t know how to handle life in general (most other things that show autism).

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today someone told me they dont believe in the moon and i laughed for like 10 minutes but then i googled it and theres a lot of people who think that and now im not laughing. its all a fuckin lie man im not laughing at all.  

fuck the moon in my opinion. its shit

Good thing ripped shrek blew it up in that one anime


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I suddenly really want to watch “Catching Fire.” If only for this scene.

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